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Growing ecosystem and driving business changes through tech platforms and programs.

About Us

We started from a mere warehouse. We provide software development consultancy and roadmap for companies. While we act as software development consultant, we want to grow people around us, thus we set our focus on building tech platforms and building people and ecosystem through programs.

What We Develop

We build various tech platforms to help companies innovate and drive positive changes.

Design & Prototyping

Problem identification to design solutions to align product vision and market needs, from user and market research, technologies selection, user journeys, and prototype for your product.

Mobile App Development

User-centric and feature-packed mobile app solutions based on your requirements.

Web App Development

Cross-platform web-based application based on your requirements that support desktop and mobile usage

Our Works

Here is a few of our non-NDA works delivered.


Mobile App for seafood ingredients ordering.

Juara - Pejuang Devisa Negara

Mobile App for expatriats to send urgent notifications to the Board of Migrant Worker Protection.

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Programs Involved

We also love building community and tech ecosystem. We join hands with many ecosystem builders in Indonesia to run programs that build others up.

1000 Startup Digital
Accelerate /with Turbin
Android Kejar
Google Developer Kejar
Hatch! Startups Incubation
Startup Weekend, Chapter Pontianak
Startup Weekend Global - Covid19
Startup Weekend Global Women
Mulai Initiative

Ecosystem Partners

We believe that ecosystem building is a collective efforts. By growing together, every part of this whole ecosystem can achieve more. Here are our partners from Academics, Industries, Government, Communities, Medias, and other Ecosystem Builders around Indonesia.

Ministry of ICT, Indonesia
TDA Pontianak
Antara Kalbar
WSU Studio
Impala Network
Satu Atap
Widya Dharma Pontianak University
Bamuda Group
Tanjungpura University
IKIP PGRI Pontianak
Endeavor Indonesia

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